Padungsak Kochsomrong (Thailand)

Padungsak Kochsomrong (Multidisciplinary Artist,Instructor, Painting division, Faculty of Fine arts ,Chiang Mai University and Director of Studio Xang Foundation , Board Member of MAP Foundation ) padungsak Kochsomrong was born in Bangkok in 1964. He received a BFA in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Art,Chiang Mai University in 1991 and a Masters degree in Art Education at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in 1999. As the Director of Studio Xang, Chiang Mai, Board member of MAP Foundation, he champions its initiatives which combine art, education, and activity. Padungsak is also a practicing artist and painting instructor at Chiang Mai University. He has performed and exhibited widely, domestically and internationally. He is a frequent participant and organizer of The Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival held annually in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
His most recent Solo performance and installation exhibition was executed in 2007, entitled “Surrealistic Conception” Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiangmai University,Thailand 2004 SoloArt Exhibition”Deconstruction after the Condolence to the Authorities Project.” Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiangmai University, Thailand / 2001 Solo Art Exhibition “Perception & Reality”, Chiangmai University,Chiangmai,Thailand/ “Freedom “How are you?” Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, England.

Selected Performance Art and Painting Exhibition :
2014 Jaipur Art Festival 2014 / Art Island in Tokyo ,Habumnato,Oshima and Honson,Niijma,August , 2014 Izu Oshima, Tokyo / Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival 16/2014 / META 2014 Chongqing Live Art Festival,Chongqing,China
2013 6Th International “d. fleiss & east west artists“Symposium of Modern Art in Kärntnerhof- Mallnitz – Austria ,September 2013 /Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival 15/2013 Chiangrai / The Nacha Artists'Residence : Contemporary Art International Symposium,November 2013
2012,Okinawa-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition at Chiang Mai University Art Center,Chiangmai / The 15th Open-Air International Art Exhibition,Abiko,Japan / ASIATOPIA 14,International Performance Art Festival,Bangkok Art Center,Thailand
2011, minimoVes art project,Thailand, /Performance Art in HongKong:
1911-2011, /“Eartheffect โลกระเทือน” International Performance Art Festival ASIATOPIA 13/2011 / What To Dip International Art Exhibition,Chiangmai Thailand ,Okinawa-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts.
2010, Performance Art Laboratory Project (PALA Project)”undisclosed territory” solo,Indonesia / “GIVE ART A CHANCE” ASIATOPIA 12/2010 International Performance Art Festival,Chiang Mai,Thailand
2008, "Art_Plus-jp Performance Art Project 2008",Japan / PERFURBANCE # 4, Java,Yogjakarta ,Indonesia
2007,”Smell”ASIATOPIA 9/2007 Internat ional Performance Art Festival, Chiangmai ,Thailand
2006, The 8. Th International Symposium of Modern Art d. fleiss & east – west artists,Romanie /
2005, 7th Asiatopia/2005and First S.E. Asia Performance Art Symposium [SEAPAS] / The CONVERGENCE International Art Exhibition , The Hochiminhcity Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam /
2004, International Performance Art even “The Futuer of Imagination II” ,Singapore/2003, ASIATOPIA 5/
2003 International Performance Art Festival, Bangkok ,Thailand - PIPAF Philippine International Performance Art Festival, Manila, Philippine - Meeting Performance Art 1/2003, Chiangmai,Thailand /
2002- Rencontre International d’art Performance 2002, Quebec,Canada /
2001 - EXIT, International Festival for Unusual Live Performances, Helsinki, Finland/
2000 - “ Freedom” How are you ?, performance , concrte House, nonthaburi Thailand - Jakarta International Performance Art Festival [JIPAF] , Jakarta, Indonesia -The 5th Asian Performance Art Series+ Shinshu Summer seminar 2000, Macue, HongKong, Nagano, Tokyo, Nagoya, Japan ,/- Asiatopia 2000 and Japanese-Thai Performance Art Exchange, Bangkok, Karat, Chiang Mai, Thailand.